apricot flower. soft spring rain. Jiangnan. Children. alley. Selling apricot flowers. I stay in Jiangnan every day. I don't know what is Jiangnan. Jiangnan may be a beautiful word in the poem. Maybe it's a gentle dream in literati's heart. In the artistic conception of Tang poetry and Song poetry, in Xiaoxiang of a dream of Red Mansions and in the mirror of Buddha. Apricot blossom, pear blossom, peach blossom. How strong is it? You can be so desperate. In such a misty rain, you can perform the flower business like elopement again and again. Buddha said: "how much love to stay in the world, to face the vicissitudes of the world, and lovers, do happy things, do not ask is fate is robbery." It's a realm that many people can't reach. Jiangnan flowers, but these poems, written all over the streets and alleys, fields, free to sprinkle, are articles. What kind of blooming is that? "Fluffy, suddenly wet, suddenly pounding......". The south of the Yangtze River in apricot blossom spring rain is the girl's budding heart. In a moment, the spring feeling is hazy, shy, faint and bud. All of a sudden, it's too late for you to breathe. Then you're overwhelmed by the eyes, wet eyes, dimples and spring. You're suffocated, moved, dizzy and confused "Listening to the wind and rain last night, the alley sold apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty." The ancients are really romantic, and some people buy apricot flowers. I really want to pick a few branches and sell them in the alleys. I only want to sell them to those who are lucky. Who would fall in love at first sight? Who would laugh that I'm too crazy? Think of Zhu Guangqian, the master of aesthetics in Tsinghua garden, who takes the rose and gives it to the young girls every day. Do you have a romantic heart like me. Apricot, pear and peach blossom bloom like snow and glow. One by one, one by one, one by one People in the flowers, people are also a flower, flowers understand people, people also understand the flower language. Eyes are water waves, eyebrows are mountains. Women's eyebrows and eyes have the most charm of Jiangnan. The misty rain, the distant mountains and the rippling water in the south of the Yangtze River are most suitable for the eyebrows and eyes of beautiful women. The landscape is also the eyebrows and eyes, which are just like the landscape. People in the mountains and rivers, as if on the heart of the beauty's eyebrows, Dai Xiu, Qingyuan, hazy, amorous. Xue Xiaochan said: "people are in a trance and can't do anything but feel what's growing in their hearts. This" what "tempts people to sit under the flower tree for a long time without getting tired of it. A person can also play a jade flute with this continuous apricot flower till dawn. " If you get a flute, play with the Jade Flute, sing with it, and then have a zither, it will have a different charm in the falling water. Misty rain, love is also misty, flying flowers are like a dream, people are also like a dream.